Friday, August 31

Been there, done that

That's it. Our vacation is over. We're now at Seatac Airport in Seattle waiting to board our shuttle flight to LAX. We've spent our last morning sleeping in but did find time to drive up to Kerry Park on Queen Anne hill before heading for the airport.

The park offers visitors a classic skyline panorama of Downtown Seattle with the Space Needle, Puget Sound and Mount Rainier framing the view. Unfortunately Mount Rainier has eluded us yet again. It's snow-capped peak was shrouded today by more low cloud. No doubt we'll see it towering above the clouds after take-off. Until then we'll just have to satisfy ourselves with the complimentary green screen photo supplied by the Space Needle.

Hertz has also confirmed that we officially drove a total of 2,303 miles, or just over 3,700 km since leaving LA. A quick search on Google shows the driving distance from Sydney to Perth is 3,936km. We've basically driven the width of Australia in less than three weeks. Phew! Time for a rest.

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