Wednesday, August 1

Training for a life of leisure

Today was the first day of my life after Text 100.  You'll recall I
recently posted news that I was moving from my current employer after 14.5 years of service.  I must admit it was an odd feeling this morning to wake knowing I could lie there as long I liked.  There were no critical deadlines to meet, no urgent emails to read and no dawn conference calls to attend. 

As I mentioned in my earlier post I've decided to take the next two months off to decompress and clear my head.  This is proving more challenging than expected.  I find myself constantly tempted to research career options, review job ads and make networking calls.  It seems unwinding requires as much discipline as a full time executive role. 

In the weeks ahead I'll do my best to chronicle my journey in search of new, fulfilling career.  I'll also keep you abreast of my efforts to improve my fitness and knock over list of accumulating home repair and maintenance chores.  My first personal goal is to simply make time for a daily 5km walk around Grand Drive in Centennial Park and the surrounding parklands.

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