Saturday, July 4

As cool as cucumbers

This week's heatwave is almost over. We've had three days of temperatures reaching 30°C. Yesterday the temperature peaked at 30°C for the last time. Today's high was a milder 25°C. The night's have also remained warm. Last night was a sweaty 19°C which has pretty much been the standard all week.

In response we've hauled out our portable air-conditioning unit to cool the bedroom each night. It's good to see Garry's impulse purchase being put to good use. He bought during the 2006 Summer heatwave after weeks of sleepless nights. It then sat in storage for two years, before a breif spell of hot nights last year saw in back in action.

The Met Office has since confirmed that last month was our hottest June in three years. Tesco also reports that sales of electrical fans have soared. Fan sales are up twenty-fold compared to last week.

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