Saturday, April 10

"Once in a life time - if you're lucky"

On Tuesday evening this week, Garry and I witnessed a breath-taking display of the Northern Lights. We were incredibly lucky. The night before had been overcast, as had most of the following day. However, by the time we came to board our snowmobiles at 8pm, the sky was clear in every direction. Our local guide took seven of us out into the night, across frozen lakes and rivers to a quaint pine hut wilderness camp where we dined on Moose soup (delicious).

As darkness fell, the night sky came to life. What a show! Several years ago, Garry and I saw the Northern Lights in Iceland. However, this didn't prepare us for the scene that unfolded on Tuesday evening. As we watched the entire sky progressively filled with more and more sheets of dancing, glowing aurora. They appeared from every direction, becoming brighter and brighter, until blinding white, green and even orange swirling bands began sweeping across the inky blackness.

At this point, even our seasoned guide gasped. He claimed he’s never seen anything like it in his entire professional career. He then excused himself and began calling friends, urging them to go outside. You know you've experienced something unique when even the locals are filled with awe. No photo will ever do justice to what we've seen.

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