Thursday, December 9

An extra day at home

The removal guys have taken pity on us. They didn't make as much progress as planned today and thus left one bed still intact. As a result, we've decided to spend an extra night at home before finally relocating to a nearby hotel. The house looks rather worse for wear this evening. Several rooms are completely empty, while others have piles of boxes and partially-wrapped furniture scattered about. It's not feeling much like home any more.

This evening Garry gave the kitchen a professional clean while I patched picture hook holes and washed down walls. After hours of scrubbing and mopping we've decided to treat ourselves this evening. We're off for one last meal at our favourite local Chinese restaurant.

Our travel bags are packed and all the tour paperwork has been checked and double-checked. Three days from now we'll kick off our grand Alpine and Antarctic tour. I'm actually returning to Australia using the same hybrid backpack I used on the way to London five years ago. It's sat in storage ever since as it was looking rather worse for wear after two months on the road. I think it's got one final journey left in it.

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