Tuesday, December 7

The last night

Tonight is our last night in the house where we've lived for almost five years. As you'd expect, there are growing piles of clothes, household effects and other items appearing in every room ready for the removal company tomorrow. The car was collected this morning in preparation for a thorough steam clean before it's loaded into our shipping container next week.

No doubt our final three nights in London will pass iswiftly. We've based ourselves a nearby hotel. It's an oddly poignant moment. A ramble through this blog reveals just how much we've seen and done while living in the UK. A new adventure awaits us as we prepare to return to Australia.

Garry will dismantle our Internet connection and home office later today. As a result future blog posts are likely to become more erratic and less frequent. I'll do my best to update every at regular intervals on our grand tour back to Sydney. Stay tuned for images of Vienna, the Christmas market in Salzburg, the snow-clad Swiss Alps, penguins in Antarctica, Easter Island and the Atacama Desert.

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